HB Hydraulic Hammers

HB – Heavy Weight Hydraulic Hammers, for heavy industrial demolitions

If you are in the Melbourne metro or regional area and are looking for a heavy industrial hydraulic hammer, look no further. Breakthru hammers are proud distributors of Epiroc hydraulic hammers HB Range and will look after your industrial demolition requirements.

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THE hydraulic hammer for the toughest jobs

Although high efficiency has always been the focus in designing Epiroc hydraulic breakers, the HB 3600 units enjoy even greater efficiency than their predecessors in the heavy breaker range. Better utilisation of the hydraulic input from the carrier has been achieved through innovative technology and the highest manufacturing standards. High energy recovery means excellent percussive performance with energy of 6750 joules* from a single blow.


Featuring Auto Control

AutoControl is a solution which boosts the productive performance of Epiroc hydraulic breakers. The system automatically controls the breaker’s output to suit the working conditions and rock hardness, thereby creating the perfect benefit for users: maximum blow frequency for soft materials, and maximum single-blow energy when things get tougher.

Advantages of Auto Control

  • helps to achieve consistently high productivity through the adjustment of single-blow energy and blow rate as from the first impact
    protects both the breaker and carrier unit during idle strokes
  • raises efficiency through energy recovery precise control of piston movement under the most diverse working conditions
  • minimises tendency of idle strokes in soft material
  • always starts with reduced single-blow energy
  • easy handling with “centring” of the tool

DustProtector II & VibroSilenced

This helps in protecting both the hammer unit and the bushings against damage as well as premature wear. This protective feature, unique with its two stages and only available with Epiroc hydraulic breakers, can optionally be installed on all HB breakers. With VibroSilence With this, it is no coincidence that Epiroc breakers are among the quietest on the market. This has been proven by measurements based on Directive 2000/14/EC, which give a guaranteed sound power level of 121 dB (A).

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