MB Hydraulic Hammers

MB – Medium Weight Hydraulic Hammers

If you are in the Melbourne metro or regional area and are looking for a mid-weight, powerful hydraulic hammers, look no further. Breakthru hammers are proud distributors of Epiroc hydraulic hammers MB Range and will look after your industrial demolition requirements.

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Epiroc MB breakers keep lifecycle costs down. Often, these costs are not seen as an important element, but they are: 2/3 of the lifecycle cost of a breaker being made up of factors such as energy & fuel consumption, operator cost and service & maintenance cost. MB breakers can help you in achieving lower lifecycle costs, and a positive effect on your bottom line.

Don’t Judge a Hydraulic Hammer by its weight!

Other breakers also seem to do the job in an acceptable manner – no big difference with the MB breakers. Breakers are often simply compared by weight (price per kg) or by chisel diameter, which gives a misleading picture, that does not take performance/ efficiency into account.

For: High Productivity

High percussive performance and EnergyRecovery can increase the output per shift and lower energy

hb-vibro-silenceFor: Outstanding Reliability

Effective dust protection, automated lubrication and double tool retainer bars help to increase breaker availability, lifetime and resale value.

For: Low Maintenance

Automated lubrication, tailor made maintenance kits and an extended warranty program help to keep service & maintenance cost on a low level.

The perfect mid-weight hydraulic hammer

The carrier generates the hydraulic input power which is reflected in fuel consumption. The greater the operational efficiency of the breaker, the lower your energy and fuel costs.


Effective noise and vibration damping The VibroSilenced system is a highly effective arrangement of elastic damping elements which isolate the percussion mechanism acoustically from the external guide system. It is no coincidence that Epiroc breakers are among the quietest on the market. This has been proven by measurements based on Directive 2000/14/EC, which give a guaranteed sound power level of 117 dB(A)*. All Epiroc medium hydraulic hammer models are fitted with the VibroSilenced system as standard.

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