SB Hydraulic Hammers

SB – Solid Body – Hydraulic Hammers, a powerful concept

If you are in the Melbourne metro or regional area and are looking for a lightweight, powerful hydraulic hammers, look no further. Breakthru hammers are proud distributors of Epiroc hydraulic hammers SB Range and will look after your industrial demolition requirements.

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What makes the Epiroc hydraulic hammers so unique is the Solid Body concept, which integrates the percussion mechanism and guide system into one single block of steel. This unique design makes these breakers extremely compact and easy to handle and it also yields a weight reduction of 20% compared to other breaker types. It is true that SB stands for Solid Body concept, but in fact it actually means lower cost of ownership for users. Thanks to this concept, the uncontested benefits of the SB breakers are reliability, flexibility, high productivity and low maintenance.

sb-hydraulic-hammerFor: Reliability

Strong and wear-resistant, no tie rods, no body parting lines, robust working tool wear bushing system with dual retainer bars

For: Flexibility

For a wide variety of carriers with a broad oil flow range and featuring an overload protection valve to prevent misuse. Prepared for special applications

For: High Productivity

Best percussive power-to-weight ratio, Energy Recovery, slim shape for quick positioning and better view, easy to use in confined spaces

For: Low Maintenance

Maintenance-free accumulator, fewer parts, central lubrication port (prepared for automatic lubrication)

SB Hydraulic Hammers are easy to set up, easy to use an easy to service.

Small but Powerful on Roads

The SB breakers are the smallest on the market in their respective carrier class. This means they can be easily tucked up under the carrier boom during transportation between sites. For road construction work you can chose the asphalt cutter or wide chisel working tool for cutting the road surface.

Demolishing reinforced concrete, no problem

SB breakers are internationally recognized for their toughness and reliability. They give you more hitting power per kilo than any other breaker. The SB breakers are ideally suited to demolition tasks. They are commonly used to break down concrete structures – both non-reinforced and reinforced.

Tough on building demoltions

Used on light carriers or demolition robots, SB breakers can be used efficiently for indoor demolition jobs. In difficult to access areas or dangerous environments, a hydraulic breaker attached to a remotely controlled demolition robot can work safely and without interruption for many hours.

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