Silent Demolitions

Selective and powerful demolition: Silent Demolition tools for every hunger!

If you are in the Melbourne metro or regional area and are looking for silent demolition attachment and tools, look no further. Breakthru Hammers are proud distributors of Epiroc hydraulic hammers and will look after your industrial demolition requirements.

Be sure to give us a call or download your free info kit here.

Epiroc’s full range of hydraulic demolition tools covers the whole process from breaking and crushing to downsizing, sorting and loading. These low-noise low-vibration attachments turn mechanized demolition into a fast, cost-efficient and precision process.

Give your demolitions productivity a power boost

Epiroc´s combi cutters, pulverizers and grapples offer a great combination of high and constant crushing forces, short cycle times and high availability. For high precision in selective demolition and stripping out jobs they are fitted as standard with 360° hydraulic rotary drives with overload protection. Their slim, application oriented design is as light as possible, but as robust as needed for rough and tough jobs.

Those hungry for power and speed need look no further

Get the job done faster! The design concept of Epiroc Silent Demolition Tools offers extremely high breaking force with short opening/closing time whereas breaking force is primer. Big cylinders provide constantly high breaking force -if you can break the material with only one bite instead of two you save time. This means: less machine hours, less fuel consumption, less operator hours.

High availability, shift after shift after shift…

Epiroc silent demolition tools are amongst the most robust attachments on the market. The design of the entire product range is intended for intense and long term use with high throughput performance and loads. Modular concepts, like the combi cutter concept, allow a usage as a general-purpose tool. Tailor-made maintenance kits help to keep service and maintenance times on a low level.



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